WVPB Staff and Leadership Team

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Executive Director/CEO
Chuck Roberts 304-556-4939 croberts@wvpublic.org
Chief Financial Officer
Tammy Treadway 304-254-7842 ttreadway@wvpublic.org
Director of Programming
Eddie Isom 304-556-4912 eisom@wvpublic.org
Director of Digital
Chad Matlick 304-284-1447 cmatlick@wvpublic.org
Director of Development
Marilyn DiVita 304-556-4906 mdivita@wvpublic.org
Director of Underwriting and Grants
Jane Siers Wright 304-556-4930 jwright@wvpublic.org
Director of Engineering
Dave McClanahan 304-556-4914 dmcclanahan@wvpublic.org
Director of Education
Kate FitzGerald 304-556-4904 kfitzgerald@wvpublic.org
Mountain Stage Executive Producer
Adam Harris 304-556-4989 adam@mountainstage.org
Director of News  
Jesse Wright 304-284-1473 jwright2@wvpublic.org