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4 Important Steps in Jay Rockefeller's Journey


Why would the heir of one of the wealthiest families in America come to one of its poorest states – and stay? What influenced him and who inspired him along his journey to becoming one of the state’s most influential leaders of the last 50 years?

Here are 4  moments from "Jay": A Rockefeller's Journey that describe the events that shaped the man. You can watch the broadcast premiere Monday, June 22, at 9 p.m. on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. 

1.) Study in Japan - Jay  leaves Harvard University to work and study in Japan, building relationships that would change him, and years later, significantly impact West Virginia. Learn about Rockefeller's Japan experience, which ultimately leads to the establishment of the Toyota Motor Corporation plant in Buffalo, WV.

2.) President of WV Wesleyan - After a devastating loss in 1972's gubernatorial race, Rockefeller wins over many skeptics as President of West Virginia Wesleyan College. Watch this clip about Rockefeller's Wesleyan years, and his impact on the small, conservative, Methodist institution.

3.) The Governor's Race - In 1976, a more politically astute Jay Rockefeller is ready for a second bid for the WV Governor's office. Watch how Rockefeller answers the critics about the use of his incredible wealth to fund his own campaigns.

4.) The Ludlow Massacre - The 1914 "Ludlow Massacre" is considered the blackest mark on Rockefeller family history. National guardsmen at a Rockefeller-owned mine in Colorado opened fire during a miners' strike, killing 24 people. Learn how the Ludlow Massacre affected 4 generations of Rockefellers.

Join us for the broadcast premiere "Jay": A Rockefeller's Journey -  Monday, June 22, at 9 p.m. on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. 

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