West Virginia's Primary Election is Tuesday, June 9. WVPB will have live news & results available that evening for all of the state-wide races.

Watch a moderated forum featuring candidates vying for a seat on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in West Virginia's 2020 Primary Election.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

While the winners of Divisions 1 and 2 for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals will each serve a full 12-year term on the state’s high court, the winner of Division 3 will serve the remaining four years of an unexpired term. 

Glynis Board / West Virginia Public Broadcasting


The coronavirus pandemic has quickly become the biggest story of 2020, eclipsing the kind of news coverage we'd usually see in the run up to an presidential election. West Virginia will host its primary election next month, on June 9. 

For many of us, civics class was longer ago than we’d like to admit. And even if it wasn’t, there are plenty of changes this year due to COVID-19. (Here’s our primary voting guide if you have questions on how things have changed.) (And here’s our story about key races to watch.)