West Virginia Supreme Court Impeachment

Will Price / West Virginia Legislative Photography

The West Virginia Senate is working to undo a decision by a temporary bench of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals that effectively prevents justices of the state’s high court from being impeached and standing trial. 

Members of the upper chamber’s Judiciary Committee advanced a joint resolution — a potential constitutional amendment — that would remedy the 2018 impeachments that ultimately fizzled out.

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The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear a case involving the 2018 impeachment of West Virginia Supreme Court justices. State lawmakers petitioned the nation’s highest court for a review after a ruling by an ad hoc bench of the state Supreme Court halted impeachment proceedings in October 2018.

Sentencing Set for Ex-W.Va. Supreme Court Justice

Mar 6, 2019
WV Supreme Court of Appeals

A former West Virginia Supreme Court justice is due in court for sentencing for using a state vehicle and gas fuel card for a golf trip to Virginia.

Ex-Justice Menis Ketchum’s sentencing is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, in federal court in Charleston.

Allen Loughry
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A former West Virginia Supreme Court justice at the center of an impeachment scandal has been sentenced to two years behind bars.

A federal judge in Charleston, West Virginia, sentenced Allen Loughry on Wednesday. He was also ordered to pay $12,000 in fines, restitution and court costs.

The West Virginia Supreme Court chamber.
West Virginia Judiciary

The West Virginia Senate has passed a resolution that would let state voters decide whether to prohibit state courts from interfering in impeachment proceedings.

The Senate sent the resolution on a proposed constitutional amendment to the House of Delegates on a 27-6 vote Monday.

Allen Loughry
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Convicted former West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry faces a conduct hearing next month.

The West Virginia Judicial Hearing Board has scheduled the hearing for Feb. 6 in Charleston on charges that Loughry violated judicial codes of conduct.

Judge Paul Farrell, presides over the Senate as senators are sworn in during a pre-trial impeachment conference for four impeached Supreme Court justices in the West Virginia State Senate chambers at the Capitol in Charleston, Sept. 11, 2018
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A group of judicial stand-ins representing West Virginia’s Supreme Court was hearing challenges Monday, Sept. 24, to GOP Gov. Jim Justice’s appointments of two Republican politicians to replace two departed justices.

West Virginia House Judiciary Chairman Del. John Shott hands over the articles of impeachment to the Senate last month.
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Tuesday morning, 30 men and four women will walk into the chamber of the West Virginia Senate to participate in historic proceedings– proceedings that haven’t been conducted in the state since 1875, not long after its founding.

Those 34 Senators will take an oath to become 34 jurors and hear evidence in cases for the impeachment of three current and one former member of the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Beth Walker was impeached from the West Virginia Supreme Court.
Jennifer Bundy / West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

The Republican-led West Virginia House of Delegates received national attention last week for impeaching all four of the state’s sitting Supreme Court justices. Lawmakers cited a swirling scandal over court spending that ranged from using state cars for personal business to extravagant office renovations that included a $32,000 couch.

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, state lawmakers have resumed hearings on the possible impeachment of one or more state Supreme Court justices. Members of the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony Thursday from four current employees of the court -- focused mainly on suspended Justice Allen Loughry. Senior reporter Dave Mistich talks about the third day of testimony in these impeachment investigations.