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West Virginia delegates have approved an abortion ban after 20 weeks conception, despite last year's veto on a similar bill.

The House of Delegates passed the proposal 87-12 Wednesday. The bill provides some exemptions for women in medical emergencies. Rape and incest aren't exempted.

Proponents cited moral, religious grounds. Opponents deemed the proposal likely unconstitutional and intrusive into doctor-patient relationships.

The 2014 Democratic-run Legislature passed a similar proposal.

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West Virginia House lawmakers have approved a bill opening up teacher certification to more people without education degrees.

The push is aimed at allowing programs like Teach For America to start up in the state.

On Tuesday, the Republican-led House of Delegates voted 60-35 in favor of the reform.

Bill proponents said the option would be essential to fill hundreds of teaching vacancies across the state.

Opponents said formal education training prepares teachers for situations they otherwise may not be able to handle.

Floor Session Remarks Spark Debate

Jan 30, 2015
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, remarks spark a not-so-respectful debate lasting nearly an hour at the end of the floor session yesterday and Liz McCormick will bring us up to date on that.

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In a historic first day to the 82nd Legislative Session, Republicans are now the majority in the House, and Republican Delegate, Tim Armstead was elected as House Speaker.

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  West Virginia lawmakers have begun a 60-day legislative session with Republicans in power for the first time in more than eight decades.

The Senate and House of Delegates gaveled in shortly after noon Wednesday.

As expected, Republican Bill Cole of Mercer County was elected Senate president. Republican Tim Armstead of Kanawha County was chosen as House speaker.

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  A former West Virginia lawmaker is being tapped to become the 22nd clerk of the House of Delegates.

In January, Steve Harrison is set to replace Greg Gray. Gray has been House clerk since 1996 and is the third-longest serving House clerk in state history.

Harrison served in the House from 1993-2002 and served one term in the Senate from 2003-06.

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  Republican lawmakers have chosen a new West Virginia Senate president and House of Delegates speaker.

The West Virginia Republican Party says Mercer County Sen. Bill Cole was named as Senate president and lieutenant governor during a caucus of GOP senators on Sunday. House Republicans named Kanawha County Delegate Tim Armstead as House speaker during their caucus.

In January, Republicans will hold majorities in both the House and the Senate for the first time in eight decades following the November general election.

After a landslide victory on Tuesday, Saira Blair, an 18-year-old fiscal conservative, will become West Virginia's youngest lawmaker.

Blair earned 63 percent of the vote, winning a seat on the West Virginia House of Delegates.

In a statement on her campaign's Facebook page, Blair said her election sent a message that the road to "prosperity and success is rooted in conservative values and principles."

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