West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

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Higher education leaders in West Virginia announced Wednesday a goal to see more of the state’s workforce with a formal education credential beyond high school by 2030.

WVU Tech in Montgomery, West Virginia
WVU Tech

An interim chancellor has been appointed for West Virginia's higher education system as it undergoes a review.

(left to right) Jerry Gilbert, Pres. of Marshall; Gordon Gee, Pres. of WVU; Kendra Boggess, Pres. of Concord; Michael Farrell, Commissioner with the WV Higher Education Policy Commission; and Gov. Jim Justice. During a press conference on July 2, 2018.
WV Governor's Office

West Virginia ended its 2018 fiscal year with a budget surplus of almost $30 million, according to Governor Jim Justice. Next, the governor said he’ll look to improving the state’s higher education system.

The governor said Monday in a press conference, 2012 was the last time West Virginia ended a year with a surplus without mid-year cuts.

West Virginia State University President Anthony L. Jenkins speaking at the May 2018 Graduation.
West Virginia State University

A five-year contract extension has been approved for West Virginia State University's president.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports President Anthony L. Jenkins' new contract goes into effect July 1 and ends in 2023. The contract was approved Friday by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. He was first hired on a two-year contract in July 2016.

Texting, texts


High school seniors in West Virginia who sign-up to receive text message reminders for college preparedness are doing better in their first-year of college, according to a recent study. And findings show this prep tactic is even more effective in rural areas. West Virginia Public Broadcasting explored why and brings you this report.

McMurran Hall at Shepherd University in Shepherdstown
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Shepherd University has launched its newest college – a College of Business. According to the Higher Education Policy Commission, it’s the fifth college of business offered at a higher education institution in West Virginia.

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A report says more high school graduates in West Virginia pursued a college education last year.

The report released Tuesday by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and West Virginia Community and Technical College System found 266 more students attended college compared with 2015.

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West Virginia officials have extended the application deadline for the need-based Higher Education Grant Program through May 1.

The Higher Education Policy Commission and Community and Technical College System say the deadline has been pushed back because of a federal technology issue.

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Four scientists from state colleges and universities plan to discuss the economic and community impact of research programs at a forum at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park in South Charleston.

The Tuesday event by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission's Division of Science and Research features scientists from Concord, Marshall, West Virginia and West Virginia State universities.

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The total enrollment of West Virginia's public four-year colleges has declined for the fifth consecutive year.


The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports about 250 fewer students have enrolled compared to the previous year, according to a report given to the state Higher Education Policy Commission.

Sen. Mike Romano, D-Harrison County, on the Senate floor during the 2016 special session.
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The two panels that oversee West Virginia’s higher education institutions responded to a performance review from the Legislative Auditor’s office Monday in an interim meeting with the Joint Standing Committee on Education.

The report was first released in January 2016 and calls for significant changes to the way the two organizations are structured, including urging lawmakers to rethink the amount the agencies are funded each year.

Students at Computers
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West Virginia students planning to go to college next year will be able to apply sooner this year for financial aid.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports students can begin filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid on Oct. 1 this year instead of waiting until Jan. 1. The application is required to determine a student's eligibility for financial aid.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, officials from the Appalachian Regional Commission and the United States Economic Development Administration visited Huntington this week to announce millions of dollars in funding for Appalachian communities struggling with the effects of coal’s decline. 


We use text messaging for a variety of things; to chat with family and friends, to check-in with a coworker, or send a photo, but what about for academics?

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has been a pioneer in helping to develop a national text message counseling program that helps first-time college students transition more easily into college life. This year, that program goes statewide.

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

High school counselors across the state have been notified that recipients of the PROMISE scholarship won’t receive their award letters until after the state has a budget for next year.

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission sent a letter to high school counselors May 2 explaining why they have decided to hold PROMISE award letters this year.

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The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has approved an increase in the maximum amount students can be awarded for the fall semester.

A statement from the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission says students can now be awarded up to $2,700 in grants for the 2016-17 academic year, which is a $100 increase.

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It's higher education day at the West Virginia Capitol.

Representatives of colleges and universities across the state are gathering Tuesday for the annual event to bring attention to their mission and the opportunities they offer.

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West Virginia higher education officials want to increase the number of degrees awarded annually in the state to 40,000 by 2025, more than doubling those awarded last year. 

West Virginia's two-year and four-year public colleges and universities awarded a record 18,000 degrees in 2014, but now higher education officials are looking for ways to increase that number to meet future workforce demands.

Mary J.C. Hendrix
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A 1974 graduate of Shepherd University has been named the 16th president of the school.

Mary J.C. Hendrix is the first Shepherd graduate to serve as president in the school’s 144-year history. She has been serving as president and chief scientific officer of the children’s hospital and research institute at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

West Liberty University
West Liberty University

A search committee has named two higher education officials from Kentucky and Georgia as the finalists for the president's job at West Liberty University.

The West Liberty University Presidential Search Committee says it recommended Ron Dempsey and Stephen Greiner to the school's Board of Governors on Wednesday.

More than 3,200 members of the Class of 2015 have been awarded the state's merit-based PROMISE Scholarship.

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission announced the number of scholarships awarded to 2015 high school graduates on Thursday.

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The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has approved tuition and fee increases sought by West Virginia University, Potomac State College of WVU and West Virginia State University.

The commission voted on the increases at its regular meeting Monday.

In a news release, the commission said the board voted 5-2 to approve WVU's plan to increase in-state undergraduate tuition and fees by 9.7 percent for the 2015-2016 academic year. Out-of-state undergraduate costs will increase by 4.9 percent.

Woodburn Hall, West Virginia University
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A report released this month by the national Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looked at states across the country that cut their higher education budgets in the wake of the 2008 economic downturn.

Woodburn Hall, West Virginia University
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The West Virginia University's Board of Governors approved a tuition increase Friday of nearly 10 percent for in-state students and 5 percent for those who live out of state.

Only the student representative on the board voted against the proposal.

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission


The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission announced this week that it will be offering free assistance to students and families looking to apply for financial assistance in pursuit of a college degree.

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West Virginia University is planning to buy Mountain State University's campus in Beckley.

WVU President Gordon Gee said Wednesday that the school has extended an $8 million offer to purchase the campus and that Mountain State University has indicated it intends to accept the offer.

The Beckley private school's accreditation was revoked by the state Higher Education Policy Commission in June 2012 because of leadership, organizational and integrity issues.

Marshall University
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The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission has approved the appointment of one of its members as Marshall University's interim president.

The commission unanimously approved Gary White's appointment on Tuesday during an emergency meeting.

Marshall's board named White as its interim president on Monday following the death of president Stephen Kopp.

West Virginia higher education leaders are finalizing policy changes to help students more easily transfer college credits and earn degrees.

Not many pharmacists do cutting edge research in developing new drugs, and how drugs affect different patients differently.

But 53-year-old clinical pharmacologist Bill Petros of Wheeling, WV studies how cancer drugs react differently from one patient to the next.

For more than a decade Bill Petros led his own research lab at Duke University Cancer Center, one of the top cancer research centers in the United States. 

Then he got a call from West Virginia University, and was thrilled to return home.

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission

  A higher education official says more West Virginia high school seniors are qualifying for the state's PROMISE scholarship.

Higher Education Policy Commission financial aid senior director Brian Weingart also says the college graduation rate of PROMISE recipients is higher than the general student body's rate.