Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster

On this West Virginia Morning, we hear from the co-creators of a new Off-Broadway play that honors the men who died at the Upper Big Branch mine disaster 10 years ago. Also, in this episode, meatpacking plants are being ordered to stay in operation, despite the sector being hit hard by the coronavirus. How are some plant workers across the region faring?

The Legacy Of The Upper Big Branch Disaster

May 13, 2020
Joan Marcus

Ten years ago, the Upper Big Branch Mine exploded in West Virginia. Twenty-nine men died and an investigation uncovered that a legacy of overlooked safety measures contributed to the disaster.

A new play called “Coal Country” focuses on the stories of the men and their families. It aims to put a spotlight on prejudice against the rural working class — to bridge a divide between city dwellers and those who work with their hands underground.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, we hear about a new play that honors those who lost their lives at the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster 10 years ago. We also bring you the latest updates on coronavirus in West Virginia.