Tax Collections

Gov. Jim Justice during the State of the State Address in January 2018.
Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Gov. Jim Justice and his revenue staff say West Virginia is heading toward a budget surplus as the state nears the end of the 2018 fiscal year.

The governor and his revenue staff announced May’s revenue collections were more than $20 million above estimates. The entire month saw nearly $330 million in total revenue collection.

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West Virginia tax authorities report collections rose to $73.6 million for the state road fund in July, the first month of higher taxes and fees to support it, exceeding last year's collections by almost $16 million.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Officials say West Virginia’s tax collections did not meet estimates again in July, marking 15 months since the state met or exceeded those estimates.

Secretary of Revenue Bob Kiss says West Virginia tax collections were nearly $33 million short of estimates for the month.  A large portion of that was due to a decline in the state’s consumer sales tax collections.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

Tax collections for the month of May were stronger than expected, according to Revenue Secretary Bob Kiss.

In a press release, Kiss said general revenue collections were up 12 percent when compared to those collected in May 2015 and some $28 million above the month’s estimates.

West Virginia State Capitol
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  West Virginia’s Secretary of Revenue Bob Kiss says there were few surprises for the state when it comes to tax collections in March, but not a lot of good news.

March 2016 saw no growth in personal income tax or sales tax revenue collections compared to March 2015. Severance tax collections were also down close to 40 percent compared to the same month in the previous year.

Director of the State Budget Office Mike McKown , Secretary of revenue Bob Kiss and Deputy Secretary Mark Muchow in the House Chambers.
Ashton Marra

State officials say January's tax collections provided no signs of an economic turn for West Virginia.

The state collected $374.3 million in revenue last month. Those figures were down $9.8 million from January 2015 and missed estimates by $11.5 million.

Ashton Marra / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

The West Virginia Department of Revenue says revenue collections are more than 17 million dollars below projections in the first month of the new budget year.

The Charleston Gazette reports a variety of taxes came in below estimates in July causing the shortfall. The two biggest sources of tax revenue, consumer sales tax and personal income taxes, both came in below estimates.

Sales tax collections were about one and a half million dollars below estimates, while income tax collections were about 11 million dollars less than projected.

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For the first time this fiscal year, state tax collections in West Virginia have exceeded monthly projections.
     Deputy Revenue Secretary Mark Muchow tells media outlets that despite the surplus of $8.4 million in January, collections through the first seven months of the fiscal year are $73 million less than anticipated.