Sen. Craig Blair

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

A top Republican in the West Virginia Senate is calling on Gov  Jim Justice to resign.

Sen. Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, took aim at Gov. Justice first in a paid-for column in a weekend edition of The Martinsburg Journal and then with other news media on Monday.  

Martin Valent / West Virginia Legislative Photography

On a party-line vote Monday, members of the Senate Committee on Government Organization approved a bill to repeal the state's prevailing wage. It was reported to the floor Monday as well, setting it up for a vote Thursday. 

Ashton Marra / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

“Slow this down. Let’s find some compromise.”

That was the message the director of the Affiliated Construction Trades of West Virginia, Steve White, delivered during a gathering of union officials and members at the state Culture Center Wednesday.

White, his union and other members of the AFL-CIO gathered to speak out against a bill that’s fast tracked through the West Virginia Senate. Senate Bill 261 would repeal the state’s prevailing wage, the hourly, overtime and benefit rates contractors agree to pay their employees when bidding on publicly funded projects.

Janet Kunicki

A bill introduced in the Senate is meant to repeal a section of code giving discounts to gasoline wholesalers.

Senator Herb Snyder is the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 421. He said in researching areas of state code dealing with gasoline prices, he found a section that essentially gives a rebate to oil and gas companies who own wholesale terminals, only one of which is located in West Virginia.