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The latest events in Charlottesville have people engaging in conversation about race, diversity and supporting each other. 

Richwood High School Student Reporting Lab

Ahead of President Obama's Wednesday visit to Charleston, students at Richwood High School have produced a video highlighting issues of substance abuse in Nicholas County.

Participating in PBS News Hour's Student Reporting Lab, the students at Richwood High spoke to recovering addicts, their family members and law enforcement officials to paint a gripping picture of the problems they face in the area. 

Over the past few years, Richwood High School has turned itself around from one of the poorest performing schools to being named one of US News and World Reports 2014 Bronze Schools. Students, under the direction of teacher Susan Johnson, are part of the PBS Newshour’s Student Reporting Labs and are helping tell the story. They produced a video which was shown at the school's public ceremony recognizing the schools turnaround, which was attended by State Superintendent of Schools Dr. James Phares. He was so impressed, he invited the producers and school officials to last week's meeting in Charleston where the school was honored with a resolution and the video was show to the entire board. The board intends to add it to their own website and use it in further training. West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Charleston Television Production Supervisor Chuck Frostick serves as a mentor for the students on the project.