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What do you do when a panhandler hits you up for some money? Whatever your answer is, what experiences or facts inform your policy for giving or not giving? People have strong opinions on this. With this episode we try to separate the facts, suppositions and ideology.

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The American Civil Liberties Union is decrying attempts by West Virginia local governments to restrict panhandling as unconstitutional.

The Journal reports that in a letter to the City of Martinsburg and Berkeley County last week, Jamie Lynn Crofts of the ACLU of West Virginia said the proposal would violate First Amendment free speech rights.

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The Martinsburg City Council is discussing the possibility of adopting a panhandling ordinance.

The Journal reports that legal counsel to the city council Kin Sayre presented a suggestions for an ordinance to the Martinsburg City Council on Thursday after county councilman Dan Dulyea approached him about coming up with solutions for panhandling.

When you see panhandlers on the street, what do you do? Ignore them and walk the other way? Hand them some spare change? And, how do you decide?

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On this episode of West Virginia Morning, we preview the latest episode of 'Us & Them,' a newly released podcast from West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The episode focuses on the conflicts between panhandlers and the cities in which they live. Trey Kay discusses the research he did into the topic.

Also, the 30 Mile Meal program is working to connect farmers in the tri-state area with chefs in the Huntington to promote the farm to table movement. And so far, it's having success.

And the Drive-By Truckers are featured on the Mountain Stage Song of the week. 

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Friday marks the release of the latest episode of the West Virginia Public Broadcasting podcast 'Us & Them.' This episode was inspired by a story WVPB reporter Dave Mistich reported in the fall that focused on panhandling in Parkersburg.

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Thanksgiving comes in two parts “giving” and “thanks.”  

This week, we’ll talk to a man in North Carolina, who’s collected over 1,000 varieties of heirloom apples.

And Layuna Rapp shares her memories of raising turkeys on her family farm in West Virginia

And we also want to take some time to hear from two young women who know what it’s like to struggle.

Troubled Youth Thankful For Youth Systems Services: Glynis Board visits the Youth Services System in Wheeling, serving at risk children and young adults.

Dave Mistich

A month ago the city of Parkersburg posted signs around town asking the public not to give to panhandlers. But some people still do. And some panhandlers say the signs aren’t just ineffective. They’re insulting. Even defamatory.