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In an effort to address water issues plaguing rural West Virginia, the state Public Service Commission is supporting a bill that would give the group more statutory authority to assist and order the acquisition of failing water and wastewater utilities throughout the state. 

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Many residents in the small West Virginia town of Paden City are grappling with the news that the city’s water is contaminated with a chemical commonly used in dry cleaning called Tetrachloroethylene or PCE. 

Late last month, the city-run water authority sent a notice to residents warning PCE was present in the water at nearly three times the federal limit. The notice stated the water was safe to drink in the short term, but could lead to long term health problems including an increased risk of cancer.  

City officials are working on a fix, but some residents are asking both how long they’ve been exposed to the chemical and if that exposure may have impacted their health.


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On this West Virginia Morning, we visit Paden City where citizens are concerned that years of poorly reported water contamination has led to clusters of disease and health hardships.

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West Virginia State Police have arrested Paden City Police Chief Joseph Richardson on charges of domestic battery and driving under the influence.

Media outlets report Richardson was arrested Monday. He was booked into the Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville and later released.

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The West Virginia Marble Festival is moving to the home of the state's last remaining marble factory.

The annual festival has been held in Cairo for 20 years. Media outlets report that the festival will move to Paden City, home of Marble King, in 2016.


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West Virginia was named the 15th safest state in the US for settling down and raising a family. According to a blog from the website, West Virginia is one of the safest places to live in America coming in at number 15.