Us & Them: Shack!

Aug 29, 2018

If it seems football has, perhaps unwillingly, become a platform for civil rights issues, well, keep it mind that didn’t start with Colin Kapernick but with James “Shack” Harris, the first African American to be named in a starting quarterback in the NFL.

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, State Auditor Glen Gainer discusses his candidacy for the First Congressional District.  And Clark Davis reports on a WVU study that looks at the connection between the arrest records of NFL players and their salaries.

FRONTLINE League of Denial
Courtesy of Nick Veasey / Getty Images

There's no denying the popularity of football in American culture. The sport draws parents and high school students out on Friday nights. College and university arenas fill up on the weekends. The NFL draws some of the highest ratings on television.

But has the sport been safe for the players? The National Football League has been accused of knowing about and covering up reports that the sport has caused long-term brain injuries on many players.