LGBTQ Rights

This week’s reporter roundtable focuses on the week’s action over SB 451 – comprehensive education reform. We recap what happened with the bill since passing out of the West Virginia Senate on Monday, and where it is now in the committee process over in the House of Delegates.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Energy and Environment Reporter Brittany Patterson joins us again on The Legislature Today to lead a discussion exploring environmental issues in West Virginia. She brings us a special report from Minden, West Virginia, and she chats with a lawmaker in the House of Delegates who’s also an environmental scientist.

Perry Bennett / West Virginia Legislative Photography

The floor of the West Virginia House erupted Thursday as delegates discussed Wednesday’s explosive meeting of the Committee on Governmental Organization. In that committee, members discussed an amendment to House Bill 2708. The amendment would have prevented adding protected classes -- such as members of the LGBTQ community, who are not currently stipulated in state code -- when making changes to city regulations and requirements.  

The proposed amendment was downed by the committee Wednesday on a 10-12 vote, but sparked more conversation on the House floor about protecting civil rights for those in the LGBTQ community. The amendment would have nullified anti-discrimination ordinances that have been passed around the state in recent years.