French and Indian War

April 17, 1757: Col. Washington Orders Closing Ft. Ashby

Apr 17, 2019
By 1757, Washington could no longer provide enough forces to protect Forts Ashby and Cocke, so he abandoned both sites.
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On April 17, 1757, George Washington ordered the Virginia militia to abandon Fort Ashby in present Mineral County. Captain Ashby of the Virginia militia had overseen the fort’s construction, and Fort Cocke—to the south, during the summer and fall of 1755.

December 15, 1772: Grant of Land for John Savage and 59 Soldiers

Dec 15, 2017
Lord Dunmore
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  On December 15, 1772, Virginia Governor Lord Dunmore granted nearly 29,000 acres of British land along the Ohio River and the lower Guyandotte and Big Sandy rivers to 60 men as compensation for their service during the French and Indian War. The land grant was specifically for soldiers who had served under George Washington at the Battle of Great Meadows in Pennsylvania. The land transactions are known collectively as the Savage Grant, named for Captain John Savage.

Celoron de Blainville
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On August 18, 1749, explorer Pierre-Joseph Celoron de Blainville buried a lead plate at Point Pleasant as part of his task to claim the entire Ohio Valley for France.

In the mid-1700s, France and Great Britain were continually on the brink of war around the world, particularly in places where the two nations contended for the same land.

Perhaps no place was more tense than the North American frontier, which included most of present West Virginia.

Greenville Treaty
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On August 3, 1795, the United States and several Indian tribes signed the Treaty of Greenville. Although the treaty was signed in western Ohio, it had a major impact on the region that would later become West Virginia.

Under the terms of the treaty, the Indians ceded to the United States about two-thirds of present Ohio. By pushing the tribes west, it ended the threat of Indian attacks on the Western Virginia frontier.