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Lodge in Cacapon Resort State Park, Morgan County, W.Va., May 2008
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A series of nine Farm-to-Table dinners are being planned at state parks across West Virginia. The series of events, planned between June 15 and September 12, is aimed to source more ingredients from local farmers.

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Several Virginia organizations have partnered to create a voucher program to help improve access to fresh, affordable produce in Montgomery County.

The vouchers are redeemable at the Christiansburg Farmers Market and are available through the Department of Social Services, Community Health Center of the New River Valley and the Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children. The vouchers can be used for eligible food through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Transportation is a Big Factor in Food Insecurity

Sep 1, 2016
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, we conclude our series about food insecurity with a report from McDowell County where farmers are trying to sell their local produce but meet with certain challenges and in Wayne County pop up farmers markets are bringing fresh food where it’s needed. 

These stories on West Virginia Morning from West Virginia Public Broadcasting – telling West Virginia’s story.

In this episode of Inside Appalachia, we’re taking a road trip through the region to find people who are reviving the old recipes and bringing something fresh to our plates. This episode is also helping us kick off a new segment, called Appetite Appalachia, which features restaurants and recipes with Appalachian roots.

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Cooking Light Magazine has named the Wild Ramp as one of the top Farmers’ Markets in the country.

The Wild Ramp was picked by Cooking Light Magazine as one of America’s 50 Best Farmer’s Markets. The local market opened in 2012 and is built by a collaboration of the local community and the farmers in the region.

Abortion Bill Heads to Governor Tomblin's Desk

Feb 25, 2015

At the legislature today, bad blood lingers in the Senate after yesterday’s action to move the charter schools bill to the floor.  In the House, the Government Organization committee hears an earful from Democrats about the bill to roll back the prevailing wage law.  And we’ll check in with the Our Children, Our Future campaign to see how their legislative priorities are doing at The Legislature Today.

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Coffee has always been a popular drink. It’s been a big trade item for hundreds of years and continues to be one of the leading beverages in the world. Coffee is so popular that many people don’t even care if it’s cheap or low quality; as long as they have that caffeine fix. But more and more people are searching for that higher quality coffee only found in the specialty shops.

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The phrase “food-desert” might sound like a landscape of sagebrush and armadillos, but it's really a place where SlimJims, chicken nuggets and Slurpies count as dinner. A food desert can happen anywhere- we've all seen them. People who live in a food desert may be surrounded by food—fast food or convenient store hotdogs, instead of fresh, healthy food.

West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

  Educators in West Virginia hope the completion of a new apartment building in Welch will draw new teachers and young professionals to McDowell County. The plan comes from the project Reconnecting McDowell and new apartments are expected to be complete in August of 2015.  

The American Legion is reaching out to veterans across the country to help them access their health care benefits. They set up shop in North Central West Virginia this week.