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This week's episode is a special called "The Class of '89," featuring notable performances from that landmark year in Mountain Stage's history.

Mountain Stage Archive

We're reflecting on past Mountain Stage appearances from some of the gifted musicians who we lost in 2019.

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Jan 7, 2015

UPDATED June 7, 2019 with a quote from Mountain Stage host Larry Groce.

"The words icon and legend are thrown around so carelessly today that they have become the subjects of jokes. This is sad because we really need them now. There are almost no musicians, singers or songwriters who have the singular talent and universal respect that Mac Rebennack had. He put together several traditions to make musical magic that is timeless and recognized as such by those in all genres. I’m just grateful we got to know Dr. John and hear him for a moment on the Mountain Stage. None of us will ever forget him."

-Larry Groce, Mountain Stage host and artistic director.

Read more about Dr. John via NPR News.

Original post from 2015:

From the Mountain Stage reel-to-reel archives. Recorded live, January 8th, 1989.