COVID-19 Tracker Project

Our West Virginia COVID-19 Tracker Gives You County-Level Data On The Coronavirus

Apr 20, 2020

Note: This story was originally published on 04/02/20. It was updated on 04/20/20.

Since the first Ohio Valley region COVID-19 patient was confirmed nearly a month ago, cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus have continued to increase in the state.

Along with that increase in cases comes an increase in questions:

How many cases are there around me?

How many people in my community have died?

How do other health issues increase the risk of serious illness due to coronavirus in my community?

These questions are hard to answer right now due to the speed at which data are being reported.

That’s why we, in collaboration with three other public media stations across the U.S., developed the Local COVID-19 Tracker Project. The Local COVID-19 Tracker Project brings you county-level coronavirus data that are both timely and easy to understand.

Send Us Your Questions About COVID-19 And Community Health In The Ohio Valley

Apr 9, 2020

America's experience with the coronavirus pandemic was at first primarily a threat to cities. Now, however, after months of spread and insufficient measures to test for and contain the virus, COVID-19 cases have arrived in rural America in large numbers as well.

For the Ohio Valley, this means a heightened threat to many communities with disproportionately high numbers of people especially vulnerable to the disease due to age and other health conditions.

Your Coronavirus Questions, Answered

Apr 3, 2020
Alexandra Kanik / Ohio Valley ReSource

The coronavirus pandemic has already infected thousands in the Ohio Valley and upended life and work for nearly all of us. In such a fast-moving pandemic, it can be hard to keep all the information straight. The Ohio Valley ReSource and its partner stations asked you what you wanted to know, and took your questions to someone with answers.