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In the 1950s, U.S. Sen. Joe McCarthy became one of the most infamous public figures in American history and he had a unique connection to West Virginia. 

After World War II, as the Soviet Union and communist China expanded, McCarthy led what’s now known as the “Red Scare,” using unsubstantiated claims and slander to accuse U.S. government officials, and private citizens, of being traitors and spies. Many lives and careers were destroyed. 

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice’s latest executive order reacting to COVID-19 means non-essential workers need to stay home, but some small businesses are able to remain open — including an European-style bakery that sells wine and other products in the Northern Panhandle.

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Esports are becoming increasingly popular across the nation with leagues and tournaments popping up more frequently, both online and in person. A bar in Wheeling recently hosted an event to see how a league playing a classic video game would fare.

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West Virginia transportation officials have rejected a mayor’s request to reopen a suspension bridge.

Officials closed the Wheeling Suspension Bridge indefinitely last month due to vehicles crossing that exceeded the weight limit.

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On May 15, 1880, West Virginia’s first telephone exchange was placed in service in Wheeling with about 25 subscribers. Actually, the state’s first telephone line was strung in Wheeling the year before, connecting two grocery stores owned by the Behrens brothers. At first, only local calls were possible, but long-distance service was started between Wheeling and Pittsburgh in 1883.

The television translator for WVPB in the Wheeling viewing area is offline and could be out for several weeks while engineers look for a solution.

Dave McClanahan, WVPB’s chief engineer, said the translator is irreparable. “Parts and technical support for this model are not available,” McClanahan said. “There is no reasonable way to fix the translator and parts from other manufacturers won’t work.”

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On this West Virginia Morning, Wheeling is among thousands of towns throughout the U.S. working to revitalize their downtown areas. Some 2,200 organizations that undertake these efforts are considered each year for the national Great American Main Streets Award. Wheeling is among the top 10 contenders this year. Glynis Board spoke with Wheeling Heritage executive director Jake Dougherty about the work his organization is doing to reinvent its city.

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The Wheeling City Council is considering an ordinance that would establish a three-story minimum building height for new structures in the downtown district.

City council members heard the first reading of the ordinance during a meeting Tuesday. Officials say the requirement would only apply to new buildings and doesn't address the 10-story maximum height restriction.

This week's contestant for the Performance Today Piano Puzzler hails from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Every week Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer and a contestant tries to name the hidden tune, and name the composer whose style Bruce is mimicking.

Walt Warren from Wheeling is this week's contestant. He joined the school band in 6th grade as a trumpet player. In high school he fell in love with classical music.

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Parents, alumni and supporters of a Wheeling-area Catholic high school are asking for donations to try to keep the school open for the next school year.

The Intelligencer and Wheeling News-Register report that a 10-member committee is working on a five-year strategic plan to improve the financial stability of Bishop Donahue High School in McMechen.

Is Water From an Abandoned Coal Mine Fit to Drink?

Feb 20, 2017
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On West Virginia Morning, some residents in Wheeling debate whether the city should protect unauthorized immigrants as a sanctuary city and reporter Anne Li talks with Inside Appalachia host Jessica Lilly about the risks of drinking untreated water from an abandoned coal mine.

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