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Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power have filed a settlement agreement seeking to use tax reform funds to offset fuel and vegetation management costs, allowing customer rates to remain stable for two years.

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Appalachian Power's plan to use federal tax cut savings to mainly offset program costs is being questioned by an agency that represents West Virginia ratepayers.

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Appalachian Power Co. is asking for a reduced property tax assessment in West Virginia for the 2018 tax year, citing a combination of a mild summer and winter that has hurt business.

Thomas Johnson, of Appalachian Power's parent company, told the state Board of Public Works on Thursday, "The utility business tends to be a weather business."

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Appalachian Power is seeking approval for two wind generation projects.

The utility says in a news release that it has asked regulators to approve its requests to acquire projects currently under development by Invenergy LLC.

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A utility sent helicopters to survey damage from severe thunderstorms that left tens of thousands of homes and businesses in West Virginia without power. In some hard-hit areas, residents were told it would be days before their power was restored.

Appalachian Power said on its website that more than 55,000 customers were without electricity late Thursday morning in southern West Virginia. That included nearly 11,000 in Fayette County and 9,000 in Kanawha County.

More than 90,000 homes and businesses in West Virginia remain without power a day after severe thunderstorms rolled through the state.

Appalachian Power says on its website that more than 76,000 customers were without electricity Thursday in southern West Virginia. That includes 16,000 in Fayette County and nearly 9,000 in Logan County.

Appalachian Power says its website has a new interactive map to simplify how customers can get details about outages.

The company says in a statement that the new mapping tool at makes it easier to research or report power outages.

Parts of Kanawha and Roane counties will see new power lines and electrical upgrades under a $75 million electric grid expansion plan by energy companies.

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Appalachian Power has given more than $100,000 to flood relief efforts in West Virginia, including over $50,000 in personal contributions from employees.

American Electric Power Foundation added a matching gift of $50,000 to raise the total presented to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army on Monday.

Appalachian Power says it will pay for electrical inspections necessary to restore power for West Virginia flood victims.

Charleston manager of distribution systems Tom Johnson says the inspection is important to make sure restoring power is safe, even though it may seem like an additional burden for people already going through the aftermath of the storms.

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  Appalachian Power says it's adding more wind power to its energy portfolio.

The company said Thursday that it has reached a 20-year deal to purchase 120 megawatts of new wind generation from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources LLC.

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Thousands of customers remain without power in West Virginia after high winds blew through the state.

Appalachian Power says on its website that nearly 5,200 homes and businesses had no electricity Wednesday morning, while FirstEnergy says about 1,400 customers had no service.

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Appalachian Power is looking to diversify its energy profile by moving toward a greater reliance on solar and wind energy.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the company will continue to rely on coal-fired power plants to supply most of the energy for its West Virginia customers. But the Appalachian Power said in documents recently filed with the state's Public Service Commission that it also plans to increase its renewable energy capacity by more than 9 percent by 2025.

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Appalachian Power wants to add more wind power to its energy portfolio.

The company is seeking proposals that would allow it to own one or more wind projects, or purchase the energy under long-term agreements.

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Appalachian Power plans to add up to 150 megawatts of wind power to its renewable energy portfolio. 

In a regulatory filing, the company says it plans to issue a request for proposals from bidders in February 2016. The company will seek proposals to purchase wind power assets or to buy electricity generated by wind power projects.

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Appalachian Power and affiliate AEP West Virginia Transmission Co. are investing $20 million in Cabell and Lincoln counties to improve reliability during the harsh winter months.

The investment in the transmission grid includes a new substation and about 4 miles of transmission line.

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Appalachian Power has asked West Virginia regulators to allow the company to dismantle the Philip Sporn Power Plant in Mason County and the Glen Lyn plant in Giles County, Virginia.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the Public Service Commission of West Virginia had previously asked Appalachian Power to examine the future of those plants. They also urged the company to maintain the Kanawha River plant in Glasgow for at least four years to see if it would be cost effective for that plant to transition to natural gas.

East End Energy Efficiency Contest Names Winners

Jul 30, 2015
energy efficient
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Residents on Nancy and Lewis Streets in Charleston are the big winners of a contest that pitted block against block on Charleston's East End.  The prize was a more energy efficient home. 

The contest is called E4 - Energy efficiency in the east end, a Charleston neighborhood with older homes and apartment buildings.

For two years, homeowners signed up to have their homes undergo an energy audit and make improvements to use less power.  Emmett Pepper, the Executive Director of Energy Efficient West Virginia says the competition was a great success.

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West Virginia regulators have asked Appalachian Power to maintain infrastructure at a closed coal-fired power plant that could be used to convert the facility to natural gas in the future.

The Public Service Commission says in a Tuesday order that fully demolishing the Kanawha River Plant would rule out such a conversion.

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 Appalachian Power says it could cost up to $65 million in upgrades to convert each of several recently retired coal-fired plants to natural gas.

The estimate was submitted to West Virginia regulators, according to the Charleston Gazette.

American Electric Power
American Electric Power

Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power are set to raise rates 2% to cover rising fuel expenses.

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Three coal-fired power plants in West Virginia have shut down operations.

Media outlets report that Appalachian Power's Kanawha River Power Station at Glasgow, the Kammer Power Station near Moundsville and the Phillip Sporn Power Station at New Haven were closed Sunday.

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The Public Service Commission's staff says Appalachian Power has given the regulatory agency little information justifying its decision to close three coal-fired power plants in West Virginia.

The staff says in a petition filed with the PSC that the agency needs more information to determine whether the closures are the best course of action. Friday's petition asks the PSC to direct the company to provide the information within 30 days.

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In Kanawha County, reoccurring mud and rock slides have led to the on and off closure of a portion of route 60 near Cedar Grove.

A community group has organized a meeting in Belle this evening to discuss the long-term impacts that these reoccurring closures could have on businesses and residents.

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  The Republican-run state House of Delegates has passed a repeal of an energy portfolio.

The House voted 95-4 Thursday to repeal the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.

The portfolio requires generating 25 percent of electricity with renewable or alternative power sources by 2025. Some coal-burning technologies qualify.

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State environmental regulators and leaders of the coal and power industries announced yesterday they’d filed comments on the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules that aim to reduce carbon emissions.

Governor Tomblin said the Department of Environmental protection worked with the West Virginia Division of Energy and the state Public Service Commission in filing a nearly 70 page document responding to the proposed rules . At a news conference Monday, Tomblin called those rules “unprecedented” and “illegal.”

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The Public Service Commission is hosting meetings across the state as American Electric Power asks to raise electric rates on customers. Wednesday they heard from folks in McDowell County, many of which, oppose the rate increase. On Thursday they were in Mercer County.

Folks at the meeting expressed concerns about:

Appalachian Power has expanded its energy efficiency programs for West Virginia businesses.

Officials say changes to the programs are making it more flexible than previous energy efficiency programs for commercial and industrial customers.

Recent upgrades could help a Putnam County power plant save $10 million annually by moving coal more quickly on barges.

The $6 million investment at Appalachian Power's John E. Amos Power Plant in Poca reduces the time to change a barge from 45 minutes to five.

Parent company spokeswoman Tammy Ridout says the company can now unload a full barge while an empty barge is pulled away. The technology became operational in April.

West Virginia Morning
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Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power are asking the state Public Service Commission to approve a 17 percent rate hike for their West Virginia customers. Gov. Tomblin appoints a new head to the state School Building authority. A Marshall University player uses his failure to be drafted in the National Football League as motivation to make it in the pros in Canada and a southern West Virginia educators is teaching her students about the important connection between clean watersheds and clean drinking water.