Appalachian Literature

Appalachian writers produce a tremendous amount of work, but finding it isn’t always easy. Katherine Ledford and Theresa Lloyd, professors of Appalachian literature at Appalachian State University and East Tennessee State University respectively, decided to create an anthology they could use in their classrooms. 

The effort took more than a decade, but it is finally available in the form of the 745 page “Writing Appalachia Anthology” from the University Press of Kentucky.

On this West Virginia Morning, we remember flying over Appalachia with an audio postcard featuring voices of aviators from the region. Also, in this show, we hear a conversation with Appalachian Literature professors Katherine Ledford and Theresa Lloyd, and we listen to this week’s Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

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Too many times, when stories of Appalachia are in the national spotlight, we hear shallow, shocking and grim stories. But they miss some of the most inspiring aspects to our realities: the struggle, the perseverance and the resilience.  On this week’s episode of Inside Appalachia we’ll meet storytellers who work to help Appalachians tell their own stories, and capture the true Appalachian spirit behind the statistics.

Jesse Wright

On this episode of Inside Appalachia, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to bring you voices from people who’ve written love letters for Appalachia, of a sort. And like most loves, this love, well…. it’s complicated.

Some of the folks we’ll hear on our show grew up in these mountains and were eager to move away, but when they did, they felt a strong homesickness that seemed to draw them back.

Megan Meggers Ramsey

A grapevine clipping from the home of Pearl S. Buck, a world renowned author with West Virginia roots, just arrived in Michigan and soon will be planted at a high school literary garden.

It began as an idea last summer. Jennifer McQuillan teaches literature at West Bloomfield High School in Michigan, and she wanted to give her students something that would get them off their phones- and become better connected to the writing in decades old books.

The West Virginia Book Company commissioned a new children’s book from West Virginia’s poet laureate and author Marc Harshman. The book, entitled Mountain Christmas, was published last month and is now in stores across the state. It’s about sleighbells heard by all sorts of people and creatures in iconic scenes found throughout the Mountain State.

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West Virginia University announced a partnership with West Virginia Wesleyan College that will honor and celebrate, preserve and offer for research a collection of works by Pulitzer Prize winning author and Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck.

New Anthology of Appalachian Writers to Be Released

Apr 29, 2014
Eliza Griffiths

Fans of Appalachian literature will have another reason to celebrate as volume six of Shepherd University’s Anthology of Appalachian Writers is set to be released by the end of April.