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  • On this West Virginia Morning, antique mechanical clocks are more than just collectibles or things of beauty for some. We meet a man who keeps old clocks running. Also, the need for blood donations is at a critical level nationwide, according to the national Red Cross. We chat with Erica Mani, the CEO of the Central Appalachian region, to find out what is causing the shortage.
  • When you need to check the time, where do you look? Most people turn to their phones or digital watches. These days, it seems like every electronic device has a clock function, but it hasn’t always been this way. Not all that long ago, marking the passage of time was the job of one device — a clock. Folkways reporter Zack Harold recently spent some time with Carl Witt, a man in Fairview, West Virginia who learned how to repair clocks after crossing paths with the late Charles Decker.
  • From the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety:Last year, West Virginia’s fire departments responded to over 8,500 fires. Over…