Challenge Issued!

Classroom Teachers, Afterschool Programs or STEM clubs, West Virginia Public Broadcasting is issuing a STEAM power WV Challenge for students in grades 3 to 8.  We are issuing two distinct STEM Challenges, one for grades 3-5 and another for students in grades 6-8.  Jump in and explore how art can play a role in STEM. 

Complete the challenge and send us your STEM pictures. To:

Find your grade category below and step up to the challenge.

Grades 3-5

  • Using the West Virginia LearningMedia platform we have created 10 STEM lessons that integrate Art into the lesson outcome.
  • Choose 4 lessons, 1 in each of the STEM areas, send us pictures of your completed projects.
  • Each lesson is meant to be completed in one class period.
  • For more information about the challenge: FAQ

Grades 6-8

The STEM approach in grades 6-8 is interdisciplinary.  5 lessons have been provided using the West Virginia LearningMedia Storyboards tool. 


  1. Archaeology
  2. Practical Math Applications
  3. Automobile Manufacturing
  4. Astronomy 
  5. Collaboration and Art.
  • For more information about West Virgina LearningMedia, a free digital library with over 100,000 resources check it out: West Virginia LearningMedia
  • For more information about the challenge: FAQ