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Do You Want to Guest DJ on Eclectopia?

You can guest DJ Eclectopia. (sample show)

Do you like Eclectopia? Do you love it?

Consider being a part of the broadcast in the Eclectopia Guest DJ Summer 2015 Series.

YOU will get a chance to not only select music, but I'll record (via phone) a short interview with you on why you selected your songs.

OK, kitty cats, here's the deal:

Starting June 1st, you can submit your ideas. Broadcasting of these will start mid-June and, depending upon response, will continue through July.

SUBMIT, via email at first, your idea for a three (3) song set, not to exceed 12 to 15 minutes for consideration for Eclectopia (Friday night at 10pm with a Saturday midnight repeat).

Email me your three song set at this email: (take out underscores) jlange_@wvpublic_.org

I'll let you know if your set will work.


Q: Will we be live?

No. We will not be live for either the interview or the broadcast.

Q: Why are you doing this?

Because it could be interesting.

Q: Will I become rich and famous?

Nay, but hearing your voice on the radio is a mighty cool thing.

Q: What if I like Norwegian death metal?

Have you never listened to the show?

Q: Should my selections be similar or contrasting?

Whatever works artistically.

Q. What about my band? Can I select from that?

Sure, but this is your shot at being a guest DJ. Put your best foot forward. Remember, your band will be played with national/international artists.

Hey, thanks for reading.
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