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Esa's Apple

© Katja Tähjä

Conductor/composer Esa-Pekka Salonen has a new series of short videos for Apple's iPad Air.

When I saw one of them on TV, I about jumped out of my chair. Rare, oh so rare, are appearances by the people Classical Music broadcasts every weekday. I got riled up when I wanted to rewind and watch the spot again. My wife wanted to move on and watch Jimmy Fallon.

He had Keith Urban. Sigh. That's a far, far cry from an Esa-Pekka Salonen and that's a damn shame as well.

“Prejudice is the biggest problem in terms of classical music. There is this idea that it’s something for old people. You have to behave in a certain way, you have to wear certain types of clothes, you have to be kind of hopelessly boring. And none of this is true.”

His own app, The Orchestra, is a way in to classical music. Classical can very daunting or intimidating to people. I get that, but this music is universal. It's not solely meant for the boorish critics, the old money in tuxes and evening gowns, nor is it for the elite.

It's here for everyone. I firmly believe that.

So does, Salonen. Watch the delightful videos here.

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