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Who's That Guy?

Josh Saul
"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." ~Hamlet

"Who's that guy with the wild eyes? I want to meet him."

That's a quote from a friend of mine who finds my Facebook pictures of David McClanahan most amusing.

First, a clarification: there are two David McClanahans who work here. One of them is known as Engineer Dave and the second is the mighty Mailroom Dave.

He goes by many names: Mailroom Dave, David in shipping, Wildman Dave, The Right Reverend Mailroom Dave, Sawmill Dave, Duck Dynasty Dave, Evil Twin Dave, and I'm sure there will be more to come.

David McClanahan works a variety of jobs for West Virginia Public Radio. Mainly, he's in the mailroom, but he's everywhere, doing all manner of work. Something needs lifting? He's the first guy in line to do it. Need something? Boom, he's going to get it.

Dave is like the caretaker of this place. I feel like it's his building, we just work in it. We had an incident where a person smashed the front door open and then proceeded to sit calmly in the lobby. Dave was the first one here. He's protective like that.

He's also got his eyes on everything. He doesn't miss a trick.

Credit Jim Lange
The beard was once so full that it had its own gravitational pull.

Most of us wear social masks. That's not Dave. Dave is clearly comfortable in his own skin. One co-worker said that he was probably a pirate in another life. Without a doubt.

I'm not sure exactly when the "wild eyes" pictures began, but I sensed in David that he had the juice. And boy does he ever.

Dave started telling us tales that are, shall we say, on the more adventurous side of life. Some of them have been recorded and played on Eclectopia.

His wife once asked me, "Can't you find a better subject than him for your show?"

"Yes, I could...but not as wild." We all laughed at that one.

And certainly not as colorful.

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