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From the Greek, ekekltikos meaning to select, and topia meaning place, Eclectopia is the place for eclectic contemporary music in West Virginia.

One kind listener remarked that host Jim Lange is "the mad scientist of cool music." Josh Gaffin, of WTSQ, remarked, "When I first moved here from New York, I was glad to know something this cool existed."

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Eclectopia host Jim Lange here. The question I get most frequently is: when are you going to do the guest DJ thing again?

The answer is now (and thus arose a joyous sound).

Here are the guidelines:

1. Listen to Eclectopia Fridays at 10 PM and Saturdays at 11 PM on WVPB Radio. Sorry, my editor told me to promote my show here.

2. Pick THREE songs.

Musical Director for the Philip Glass Ensemble, Michael Riesman.
Michael Riesman

"Philip likes the fact that music doesn't just exist on paper now and that these early pieces can be realized in different ways." ~Michael Riesman

Philip Glass' Music For Eight Parts journey from missing or lost, to the current recording, feels like an elaborate plot by a master novelist. 

Michael Riesman, Musical Director for the Philip Glass Ensemble, tells the story.

Ian Bode

"When the world is running down,
You make the best of what's still around." -The Police

The forecast, as of this writing, looks like America is in for a long haul. We're practicing avoiding each other - politely known as "social distancing."

Markus Reuter
Hajo Müller

Markus Reuter is a master musician, inventive composer, producer and a great teacher.

"Whenever something is true and authentic, it translates. It will always translate. The beauty, your beauty will always come out through your art. It's impossible to break that connection." - Markus Reuter

Alexa Nikol Curran / Courtesy of the artist

I discovered The Bird and The Bee through a covers site, and heard their version of the Roth-era Van Halen classic "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love."

I was smitten.

I love the irony, humor, disposition of musical elements of a good cover song, but this was something else: this was a true tribute. This was love.

But first, we must step back in time.

Matt Jackfert

Singer-songwriter Walter DeBarr is using his unique voice and turbulent past to create and spread a heartfelt message across Appalachia. Growing up a black man in mostly-white Buchannon, WV, DeBarr had it tough among his peers. "I got beat up alot and kids would mess with me. Kids who didn't understand."

"It's a place that's kind of our second home at this point." That's what pianist Joel Cummins says about Charleston, SC, the location of a new music festival, the Woodlands Festival. The event is being put together by Joel's band, Umphrey's McGee themselves, for its inagural run this November 7th, 8th and 9th. He says the location looks to be on a beautiful 6000-acre nature preserve, and, says talent will abound with a lineup that has the likes of Big Something, The Empire Strikes Brass, Zach Deputy, and of course, Umphrey's McGee. You can still find tickets, including single-day passes here

I cannot remember when I first heard Joseph, but immediately was struck by their harmonies; the way they could blend and yet retain their individual timbres. On top of that was their arrangments: solo voice gives way to two or is it all three in unison? These intricate harmonies, the robust then delicate dynamics followed by a solo voice were so unique.

Who was this? I was reminded of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins when, watching Karen Carpenter on TV, he yells "What sorcery is this? Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!"

"Ambient music creates a world without a sense of time." 

Musician, composer and software engineer Peter Chilvers has worked with Brian Eno on several remarkable generative music apps for IOS devices, beginning in 2008 with Bloom. Such has been the success of these imaginary music applications that last year the 10-year anniversary was released:  Bloom: 10 Worlds.

Alysse Gafkjen

"I think sometimes we just look way too past the present and are sort of blinded to...our ability to create beauty in the present." That was the meditative response from singer/songwriter Cris Jacobs when asked about the meaning of the title to his newest album "Color Where You Are". Recently Jacob's life has changed drastically with the birth of his child and now has been focused on creating music in the present instead of waiting for it to happen. This new lifestyle help put the impetus on Jacobs to write this new album--even between changing diapers.

Tristen: A Good Obsession

Jun 13, 2019
Tristen Marie Gaspadarek, or just Tristen, is an American singer-songwriter based in Nashville.
Chris Sikich /

I saw Tristen and her band on Mountain Stage on June 16, 2017 and was duly impressed. I love singers with a little grit in their voice and Tristen has that, plus a lyrical purity and range. When she wants to imbue her lyrics with a delicate vulnerability or a outright aggressiveness, it flows out with ease.

For example, Glass Jar reveals its layers of meaning by her vocal inflections. First, the verse is sung with almost a sweet innocence:

Mountain Stage's Larry Groce and A Change of Tune's Joni Deutsch join over 50 public radio hosts in listing their favorite songs of 2015.
NPR Music

Public radio hosts from across the country came together this past month to pick their favorite songs of 2015. The result? An NPR Music Best Songs of 2015 playlist, of course!  Here's a recap of that list and the music you heard this past year on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Live on the Levee

Get ready, Charleston! Jim Lange, Matt Jackfert, Bill Lynch and Joni Deutsch are coming to town (well, to Live on the Levee, at least).

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? ~ Yeats

The beast stirs from fitful sleep, opening voluminous eyes - slowly becomes upright. This beast, this Crimson beast, is awake and ready.

What instruments? What batterie? What music?

Live on the Levee

Get ready, Charleston! Jim Lange, Bill Lynch and Joni Deutsch are coming to town (well, to Live on the Levee, at least).

Let's Talk #WVmusic

Jun 18, 2015
Joni Deutsch

Hey, West Virginia. It's me, Joni Deutsch, your friendly neighborhood public radio host. You have a second to talk #WVmusic? Cool? Cool.


Do you like Eclectopia? Do you love it?

Consider being a part of the broadcast in the Eclectopia Guest DJ Summer 2015 Series.

YOU will get a chance to not only select music, but I'll record (via phone) a short interview with you on why you selected your songs.

OK, kitty cats, here's the deal:

Starting June 1st, you can submit your ideas. Broadcasting of these will start mid-June and, depending upon response, will continue through July.


"Technically, I think I'm a crap singer. I don't have the chops, but I know that I can move people and I can touch them. That interests me more."

The proliferation of  singing talent shows on American TV all suggest that prodigious vocal technique, along with the singing of as many notes (plus ornamentations) is the pinnacle of musical expression.


More is not better. Quality is not defined by quantity.


The annual Grammys: annual display of crass commercialism or America's best given due recognition?

I am truly curmudgeonly when it comes to any discussion of the Grammys. Truth is, the Glammys are a hit-and-miss and very uneven theatrical event. This is more about what someone wears than the content of the music.

However, there are moments when the Grammys almost redeem themselves. Then there are moments

The list of nominees. Here's my list:

The Return of the King

Feb 4, 2015

The return of King Crimson in 2014 was certainly a surprise to everyone. Robert Fripp, let's just call him the lightning rod of the group as well as its most consistent member, had devoted page after page in his online diary about the bliss of not having to endure what he calls the "wretched life of the professional musician." Fripp writes: "But mostly, the life of the working musician is wretched.


Brian Eno has called them "radio Dadaism," and ranks them among the best in British comedy. Eddie Izzard believes the Goons were the start of modern comedy. And Monty Python? Well, they idolized them. Count John Lennon and The Beatles, Firesign Theater and Prince Charles among their fans.

The Velvet Time Machine

Oct 29, 2014

"Let's get the band back together!"

Is this the battle cry of the midlife crisis? The rallying slogan point with those with far more paunch than punch? Is this just grown men, well past middle-age, trying to relive their youth and former glory? Is it a ridiculous idea fraught with potential hazards?

You double betcha.

Yes. But if you never try anything outside of your comfort zone, what good are ye to thyself?

PART 1. Good or bad idea?

It is estimated that 40 million Americans now practice yoga. If that isn't a cultural mind-shift, I don't know what is.

Beginning with the counterculture of the '60's, slowly, ever so slowly,  concepts like organic, vegetarianism, vegan, and meditation have taken hold in our commercial American culture. I have cynically said of my country that if Americans can't place a dollar amount on something, we are mystified. And spiritualism, in any form outside of the go-to-church-on-Sunday variety, is often dismissed.

Tonight is the last night of the KC Elements Tour. (Sadly, really regretfully, I could not attend any show.)

Most would say that the King Crimson Elements Tour of 2014 was a resounding success. Going through the reviews, all the ones I read were positive.

No surprise to me. This group was different from all my expectations (therefore, in my mind, exciting) and this very difference allowed them the freedom to explore the music in a new way. 

The Unseen Hand of God

Sep 24, 2014

"If we and the rest of the back-boned animals were to disappear overnight, the rest of the world would get on pretty well. But if they (invertebrates-insects) were to disappear, the land's ecosystems would collapse.  These small creatures are within a few inches of our feet, wherever we go on land – but often, they're disregarded. We would do very well to remember them." ~Sir David Attenborough

Tony Levin.

A musician lives for music.

Perhaps better to say, for the 'experience' that music has to offer. More precisely, a musician lives to further clarify and deepen the relationship between themselves and that mystical experience when music removes us from any sense of time, ourselves, our obligations - all those encroaching weights that keep us aground.

A friend of mine, normally taciturn, expressed his experience after a joyous reunion of our old band:

Jim Lange

Symphony of Ideas: SEPTEMBER 25 at 12:15pm & OCTOBER 2 at 8pm. 2 hours.

Symphony of Ideas, a collaboration between WV Public Radio and the WV Symphony Orchestra returns this Thursday with a brand new program with many West Virginia connections.

King Crimson 2014: Joy?

Sep 3, 2014

"Everything you've heard about King Crimson is true. It's an absolutely terrifying place." ~Bill Bruford

King Crimson - a place where the music might resemble a tsunami, a typhoon, a hurricane and that's just the nice bits. King Crimson - where musical ideas such as acerbic Bartokian Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs, wicked bass lines and polyrhythmic drumming are commonplace. King Crimson - where the 21st century schizoid man roams in all his fractured red nightmares.

K Flay - Mixing It Up

Aug 27, 2014
K Flay

Channel surfing one night, I stumbled upon a video of a young woman performing on Carson Daley's Last Call.  She was rapping and singing what appeared to be original material. It was infectious.

Teacher, Teach Thyself?

Jul 30, 2014
Jim Lange

We are binge watching In Treatment, starring the marvelous Gabriel Byrne, and there is a relationship, in the most respectful terms, between certain elements of private counseling sessions and private music lessons.

Byrne's character, Dr. Paul Weston, is having all sorts of fits with his patients, his private life is fractured, and his detached therapeutic persona is shattered by the revelations of his own therapist, the bright and insightful Gina.

My life is nowhere near that level of upheaval, but there's no doubt I've had some strange encounters with students.