WVU Doctors Discuss Black Lung Report

Mar 21, 2018

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, the Center for Disease Control’s National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health released a study last month on the largest cluster of complicated black lung cases ever reported. Kara Lofton spoke with WVU School of Public Health physicians Carl Werntz and Anna Allen about the study and what it means for West Virginia.

Also on today's show, during the first few days of the recent teacher’s strike, Gov. Jim Justice said a conversation he had with a student in Wheeling changed his mind about a deal he proposed to end the recent teachers strike. Justice credited his change in perspective to a 6th grade student named Gideon Titus-Glover, who spoke up at the town hall in Wheeling.

Glynis Board met up with the 12-year-old to talk about the experience.

And we hear from Brittany Patterson about a new study that details the kind of chemicals found near fracking sites.