Wild, Wondering West Virginia Asks: What Do You Wonder About West Virginia?

What do YOU wonder about West Virginia? What if YOU could choose West Virginia Public Broadcasting's next story?

Welcome to Wild, Wondering West Virginia, a new series devoted to answering questions about the Mountain State. 

You submit the questions, and the public votes on which ones they want us to investigate. WVPB will work together with the asker to find the answer.

So, right to the question: What do you wonder about your community, the history of West Virginia, or the people who live here? 

Here's How The Process Works

Here are some sample questions to get you wondering:

  • Why did the capitol move to Charleston from Wheeling?
  • Why is the cardinal our state bird?
  • Is Country Roads actually written about WV?
  • Is the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling haunted?
  • How did the Hatfields and McCoys become so popular?
  • How did WV get its crazy shape?