What Do You Want To Know From Your Lawmakers? Introducing #WVIdLikeToKnow on The Legislature Today

Dec 20, 2017

West Virginia Public Broadcasting wants you to be heard during the 2018 Legislative session. What do you want to know from your West Virginia lawmakers? Post your questions to social media channels like Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #WVIdLikeToKnow, or send an email to wvidliketoknow@wvpublic.org - and we'll get answers from lawmakers.

Our plan is share these responses via social media and on our daily news show, The Legislature Today, in a segment called "I'd Like to Know." 

"Finding answers to your questions is one more service we can provide for West Virginians," said Scott Finn, WVPB CEO. "We think this is great way for lawmakers and citizens to connect."

“We’re proud to provide this service, as well as our live broadcasts of Senate and House proceedings online and on The West Virginia Channel.”


Make a single sentence question that gets to the heart of your concern. Record a video or audio message, or simply type it out. Send it to us in one of these ways:

  •     Post it on Twitter with #WVidliketoknow
  •     Publicly post on Facebook with #WVidliketoknow
  •     Email it to us at wvidliketoknow@wvpublic.org
  •     Fill out the form below

The television broadcast can be seen weekdays beginning at 6 p.m. Jan 11, with a repeat at 11 p.m. On The West Virginia Channel, The Legislature Today can be seen weekdays at 7 p.m., with a repeat the following morning at 6 a.m.

The broadcast will air on WVPB’s radio network weeknights at 6 p.m.

The show also is available on wvpublic.org and YouTube.

Policy experts from the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy as well as from the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy offered this list of topics likely to be discussed during the 2018 session: 

Budget - Taxes, taxes, taxes

·         Camp TaxMore: New/more revenue sources?

·         Camp CutTax: Streamline government how?

·         Personal income taxes

·         Property taxes

·         Severance taxes

Natural Resources

·         Impacts of the China Energy deal

·         Forced Pooling and Cotenancy

·         Eminent Domain

Human Resources - Modes of Retaining/Attracting Population

·         Broadband

·         Clean Quality of Living

·         Transportation

·         Arts and Culture

·         Cost of Living

·         Economic Diversification

·         Prison policy/Crime & Punishment


·         Vocational and tech schools

·         Standards

·         Choices (vouchers, charter schools, ESAs)


·         Opioid Crisis

·         Abortion

·         Medical Cannabis