Viewpoint Special Examines the Road Bill Referendum

Sep 27, 2017

West Virginia Public Broadcasting's Viewpoint: Road Bond Referendum will examine the road bonds in detail and hear from those both for and against the referendum. The show airs at 6:30 p.m., Friday, September 29, on WVPB TV and Radio, and online at

Early voting is underway on a statewide referendum to allow the state of West Virginia to sell $1.6 billion in general obligation road bonds. The vote is scheduled Saturday, Oct. 7.

The bonds would be used to finance about 60 percent of Gov. Jim Justice’s Roads to Prosperity construction program, providing funds to tackle major bridge and highway projects all over the state, while reserving more traditional funding methods for smaller projects.

Host Jessica Lilly discusses the merits of the bill with the guests, including: 

  • Thomas J. Smith, WV Secretary of Transportation,

  • Marty Gearheart, WV Delegate 27th District, chairman of the House Roads and Transportation Committee


While the Justice administration says it’s a “make or break” moment for the state’s future in terms of jobs and jump-starting the economy, the referendum does have powerful opponents.




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