Video: Dr. Simonton's Testimony to W.Va. Legislature on Discovery of Formaldehyde

Jan 30, 2014

Credit Ashton Marra / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Marshall University Professor and Vice-Chair of the West Virginia Environmental Quality Board Dr. Scott Simonton presented testimony to the Joint Legislative Oversight Commission on State Water Resources Wednesday.

In his testimony, Dr. Simonton said he had found formaldehyde in the water supply of the Charleston restaurant Vandalia Grille. He also said he "can guarantee" people are breathing in the chemical while showering.

Dr. Simonton's testimony was quickly refuted by officials from West Virginia American Water and the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, who called his remarks "misleading", "irresponsible", and "unfounded."

Others in the science community have also disputed the reports of formaldehyde, including Dr. Derek Lowe, an organic chemist who called Simonton's claims "nonsense."

Here's video of Dr. Simonton's testimony to the committee on Wednesday, January 29.