Trump Visits Charleston, Talks Immigration, Ignores Cohen

Aug 22, 2018

President Donald Trump virtually ignored recent news of former fixer Michael Cohen's federal guilty plea Tuesday night during his latest visit to West Virginia, instead focusing on campaign staples like immigration.

Trump said voting for any democrat would result in eliminating immigration enforcement. If a democrat is elected he predicts they’ll “throw open our boarders and set loose vicious predators and violent criminals.”

To the sound of boos Trump used the example of the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbets to back up his claim. Tibbets disappeared on a run a month ago and was later found dead. The suspect? A Mexican immigrant in the country illegally.

“The immigration laws are such a disgrace,” Trump said. “We’re getting them changed. but we have to get more Republicans.” Less than 2 percent of West Virginians are foreign born.

The only reference to personal controversy was to point the finger yet again at what Trump calls “fake news and the Russian witch hunt.”