Transmission Issues are Being Addressed

Feb 19, 2014

We realize that many viewers continue to have problems with WV PBS.

We ARE working on the problem and we thank you for your patience as we implement the solution.

Lately, many of our viewers, particularly those who are Suddenlink cable customers, are experiencing frequent reception issues with WV PBS. These issues include garbled audio, pictures breaking up and pictures freezing. We sincerely apologize for these irritations.

We know what causes them, unfortunately, we can't fix the weather. Whenever a storm or strong front passes through the area, our signal to Suddenlink (which is from an antenna) is interrupted. When the signal is interrupted, Suddenlink cannot access the programming and this  causes the issues you've been reporting. In addition taking our signal from an antenna is overall extremely inefficient and we recognize that something needs to be done to improve signal integrity.

We are working on a different way to supply Suddenlink with our signal via a direct fiber line. We are currently working on the bidding and purchasing process which will take several weeks. Once all the equipment for this method is procured and installed, weather-related interruptions should be a thing of the past unless the problem is with the cable company or our entire system goes down.

The entire solution will take several months to fully implement but we are confident that it will be up and running well before the Fall season kicks off.

We know this does not help you now while you're trying to watch Sherlock Holmes, Downton Abbey or The Legislature Today. We invite you to view these programs online. You can also read the stories from The Legislature Today. 

Please continue to let us know when you experience problems. Since we broadcast throughout the entire state, we may not know about an issue until a viewer lets us know. The best way to contact us is through email at:

In your e-mail please tell us:
•    The problem you are experiencing
•    How you receive WV PBS (over-the-air, cable, satellite)
•    The company you use if you are cable or satellite
•    Your location, including your Zip Code.

In addition, known reception issues are posted at the top of our website ( and we try to keep that updated as an issue is being resolved.

Thank you for watching West Virginia PBS.