Tractors Aren't Only For Boys: How Tractors Became Fun for Eliza's Whole Family

Apr 1, 2019

Eliza Wilhelm loves her Cub Cadet tractor because it goes super, super fast. And her love of riding tractors has become something that unites her whole family. 

"Whenever we first started, his mom and his sisters, and even my mom, were very hesitant. I mean, they thought they were going to fly off the tractor, they were going to get hurt...they just thought it was going to be a bad thing," said Eliza's Mom, Jessica Wilheim, "And then after the first couple pulls and they saw what was going on--they had the helmets, they had the seats, everything felt safe, now they go almost every weekend with us."

Do you love your tractor, but it's hard to say exactly why? Is it how it rides and that zenful hum of the engine? Maybe it's how it looks or feels when a job is done? It might just be a warm memory from your past.

Tractor: The Movie is a collection of stories exploring how and why tractors have touched the souls of so many people. The half-hour show premieres Monday April 8th at 9 p.m. on WVPB TV.