Small-Scale Agriculture Could Have a Major Impact on W.Va.’s Economy

Oct 16, 2018

On this West Virginia Morning, agriculture -- even on a small scale -- could have a big impact in West Virginia’s economy. We’ll hear about one program trying to spur that growth.

A temporary bench of the West Virginia Supreme Court issued an opinion last week calling Chief Justice Margaret Workman’s impeachment unconstitutional and without due process -- effectively putting her trial on hold. As Dave Mistich reports, senators gaveled in Monday without an acting chief justice to preside over the trial, but there were discussions about how they might move forward.

On the latest episode of Inside Appalachia, we heard about several programs that received federal funding to try to jumpstart economic development in Appalachia -- through agriculture.

If small-scale agriculture could scale up, even a little, economists say it could have big benefits for West Virginia. But food systems in the Mountain State also face challenges, namely the hilly geography and sprawling population.

Brittany Patterson spent some time in Talcott, West Virginia, where one group is trying to grow the state’s local food economy by thinking holistically.

Listen to Inside Appalachia to hear more stories about projects aimed to spur job growth in Appalachia.

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