She Has One Million Patients

Dec 14, 2014

Patrice Harris, MD, a native of Bluefield, WV,  is one of the nation’s leading psychiatrists.

Harris and 3 other leaders in science and business are featured in the public radio broadcast of Inspiring West Virginians.

Harris is currently the District Health Director for Fulton County, Georgia, which includes the city of Atlanta, and is responsible for more than a million patients.

Bluefield native Patrice Harris, MD, is one of the nation’s leading psychiatrists and an inspiring West Virginian.
Credit Jean Snedegar

In this position,  she has overseen the development of some of the best public health facilities in the United States.

Harris serves on the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association, formerly served on the board of the American Psychiatric Association and is a past President of the Black Psychiatrists of America.

With degrees from West Virginia University in psychology, counseling and medicine, 54-year-old Harris later trained as a child, adolescent and forensic psychiatrist at Emory University in Atlanta. 

As well as having a private psychiatry practice, she has also worked at the Georgia General Assembly on Public Policy and Education programs related to abused and neglected children. 

A Distinguished Alumni of WVU (and fanatical sports fan),  Harris currently serves on the WVU Foundation Board of Directors.

In June, 2015, Harris was named chairman-elect of the American Medical Association Board of Trustees.