Senate Minority Leader Talks Teacher Strike

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, the West Virginia House of Delegates moved swiftly Wednesday night to pass a new 5 percent pay raise package for teachers, service personnel and state police – acting on a revised revenue forecast from Gov. Jim Justice.

That bill made its way to the Senate yesterday Thursday but was not taken up in committee. On last night’s episode of The Legislature Today, host Andrea Lannom chatted with Senate Minority Leader Roman Prezioso about the situation at the statehouse.

Also on today's show, royalty money from natural gas drilling has pumped billions of dollars into Pennsylvania’s economy. It helped save many struggling family farms, just as the Great Recession was beginning.

A decade later, the gas and the money are still flowing—but many people now say this economic windfall is being doled out in an unfair, and possibly illegal, manner.

And we hear the Mountain Stage Song of the Week -- Indie-rock band The Mountain Goats with "The Grey King and The Silver Flame Attunement".