Sen. Capito Answers WVPB Audience Questions

Mar 19, 2018

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, West Virginia Public Broadcasting had the chance to interview our U.S. senators about the issues facing Congress and the nation. Usually, our reporters come up with the questions, but this time, we asked you, our audience, to come up with questions to ask Sen. Shelley Moore Capito.

We have part of that interview on today's. You’ll hear our CEO Scott Finn asking questions, but first, Capito answers one or your questions – what more should Congress do to help West Virginians fight the opioid epidemic.

The recent teachers’ strike made headlines across the country, prompting some people to wonder why a state that voted so heavily for Trump organized a widespread labor strike, a practice normally associated with Democrats?

Politics here are anything but red versus blue. In fact, there may be more purple in the mountain state than anything else. To find out more about where the teachers stand on politics, West Virginia Public Broadcasting surveyed more than 900 teachers and school employees. Roxy Todd has a story about what the teacher strike may reveal about West Virginia's political landscape.