Return Of The Lopezes

Jun 19, 2020

This true-or-false Star Wars themed quiz marks the triumphant return and fourth appearance of Oscar Award-winning composers Robert Lopez, Kristen Anderson-Lopez (Frozen, Coco) on Ask Me Another.

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JONATHAN COULTON, BYLINE: This is NPR's ASK ME ANOTHER. I'm Jonathan Coulton. Here's your host Ophira Eisenberg.


Thanks, Jonathan. Joining us and returning to the show, we have the Oscar award-winning husband and wife team behind the songs of Disney's "Frozen" and "Coco." Hey, Kristen. Hi, babe - Bobby. Oh, I said that terribly. Hey, Kristen. Hi, Bobby.

KRISTEN ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Hi, Kristen. Hi, babe.


EISENBERG: So, Kristen and Robert, this is your fourth appearance. We are renaming the show to Ask The Lopezes Another.


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Good 'cause we're going to be insulted if we're not on the show next week and the week after. If there's ever another guest, I'm going to be like, why didn't they ask us? Ask us another.


EISENBERG: Are you working - you're working nonstop through this.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I wouldn't say. It depends on what you mean by nonstop...


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: ...Because we are also - like, when we are normally working, we've got child care, kids in school or camp. Now we are cook, housekeeper, gardener, IT specialist, PE teacher - you name it. We've been exterminators. We've been...

EISENBERG: What did you get to exterminate? No, that just sounded...


ROBERT LOPEZ: Oh, man - ladybugs. We had a ladybug...


LOPEZ: ...Infestation. And...

COULTON: Oh, yeah.

LOPEZ: We thought, like - at the first, we were like, you know, this is a cute one. This is amazing. We're not going to kill any ladybugs. And by the third or fourth day, we're just, like...

EISENBERG: Oh, yeah.

LOPEZ: ...Squishing ladybugs.

COULTON: (Laughter).

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Now we've got bats in our breezeway.


COULTON: Is that a euphemism?

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: It could be. We've named them Midnight, Severus and Vlad.


LOPEZ: Yeah.

EISENBERG: Based on their personalities?

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Yeah. I mean, we're getting the feeling, like, Midnight is a little sweeter, a little smaller. And, you know...

EISENBERG: (Laughter).

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: We've decided, like, we're going to live with them because they're our new pets, and also, we don't have any mosquitoes.

EISENBERG: Yes. Jonathan, weren't you trying to build a bat house in your backyard at some point?

COULTON: I was thinking about building a...


COULTON: ...Bat house for specifically this reason because I don't like to be bitten by the bugs. And I wanted to bring bats into my life. I don't have any bats where I live. It's very sad. I have a whole list of bat names I'm ready to deploy, but I have no bats.


LOPEZ: Yeah. You could go toe for toe with us, I'm sure.

COULTON: Yeah, yeah.

EISENBERG: So - OK, so we're kind of counting your first three times on the show as the trilogy.

LOPEZ: Oh, I thought it was another saga in a different era.


COULTON: It's a retcon.

LOPEZ: Yeah.

EISENBERG: So this game is about another famous trilogy, the original three "Star Wars" movies.




LOPEZ: Love "Star Wars."

EISENBERG: Yeah. So those movies have changed a lot over the years. Most famously, of course, is the scene between Han Solo and Greedo. When they're in the cantina, one of them shoots one another. And who can say who drew first anymore?

LOPEZ: I also - I was watching this again the other day...


LOPEZ: ...And - on Disney+ because there's a - I don't know if it's a new version, but it's on Disney+.


LOPEZ: And Greedo had a new line that I had never seen before. It was after - he said, yes, I'll bet you have. And then Greedo went (vocalizing) and...

EISENBERG: (Laughter).

LOPEZ: He got - then they shot at the same time. I don't know where this line came from. If anybody knows about it, I would love to get the story.

COULTON: Wait. Was the line translated, or it was just - it was shot before it was...

LOPEZ: No, it was like - it was (vocalizing). It was some vocalization in whatever Greedo's language was.


EISENBERG: Well, we might find out. Who knows?

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I'm wondering, when did you watch "Star Wars"? We're together all the time.


LOPEZ: I had special dispensation. Remember? You were like, go. Watch "Star Wars."

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: What was I doing? Was I watching with the girls?

LOPEZ: You were reading and sleeping.


EISENBERG: You were reading and sleeping. Wow.


LOPEZ: So I was allowed to watch "Star Wars."


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: It must've been at, like, 11:30 at night.

LOPEZ: It was late.

EISENBERG: OK, so this quiz is about the revisions made to the "Star Wars" movies since their original theatrical release. It's all true or false. You're going to compete. We'll go back and forth.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Oh, I am so dead.

LOPEZ: You're dead, hon.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I am dead. We can all just accept that now. But I...


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: ...Look forward to it.

EISENBERG: No, no. You have no idea. You have...


EISENBERG: ...No idea.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: All right. I have no idea.

EISENBERG: That's right. Robert, true or false - a scene was added to the 1997 special edition of "Star Wars: Episode IV" where Han Solo steps on Jabba the Hutt's tail.

LOPEZ: That is true.

EISENBERG: That is true. You nodded. You nodded.

LOPEZ: Oh, yes.

EISENBERG: OK. What do you know about this?

LOPEZ: Well, they filmed the scene with Harrison Ford and this performer playing Jabba, and they had intended to use a sort of stop-motion creature animation idea to replace the actor. But they kind of ran out of time and money, so that scene got scrapped, and they added the lines that were in it to the Greedo scene. But then they had CGI for the rerelease, and they put Jabba in. Now we know what he looks like. He's - now the lines are just in there twice. So to me, it's, like, a little ridiculous because you have to listen through the same scene basically twice.

EISENBERG: Yeah. OK, that is correct. And I'm going to revise what I said to you earlier, Kristen.


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I'm so dead.

EISENBERG: You don't have a chance.

COULTON: You don't have a chance, yeah.

EISENBERG: (Laughter).

COULTON: Kristen, I think you will be happy with this question. This is a funny thing.


COULTON: True or false - in the Disney+ release of "Star Wars: Episode IV," the infamous cantina scene where Han Solo shoots Greedo was altered so that Greedo says maclunkey.

EISENBERG: There it is.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: (Laughter) True.

COULTON: Yeah, it is absolutely true.


LOPEZ: Me and my big mouth.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: That would be true.


EISENBERG: I was like, oh, we might find out what that word is somehow.

LOPEZ: Why did they put that in - what did they have to change it for?

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I was going to say they were going to give him a musical number, like (singing) maclunkey, maclunkey, da, da, da, da, da.


LOPEZ: There we go.

COULTON: So Disney says that George Lucas made the change before Disney acquired the rights to "Star Wars." And apparently, maclunkey means this is the end of you in Huttese.

EISENBERG: If maclunkey means this is the end of you, then Huttese is the most efficient language of all time.


COULTON: It's a very famously efficient language. Yeah. OK. Kristen, this one is for you. Halfway through "The Empire Strikes Back's" original theatrical release, film reels were recalled so that sound effects could be changed after it was discovered that R2-D2's bleeps and bloops spelled profanities in Morse code.


COULTON: True or false?

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: I'm going to say false.

COULTON: Yeah. That's totally - that is totally false.


LOPEZ: The one thing he did, though, was he just kept working on it after it was released, and they kept adding parts to it. And they had to rerecord music and stuff like that.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Just like we keep doing to the theatrical version of "Frozen."


LOPEZ: We never stop.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: We never stop. But we have learned we have to change one thing because there is a German version of the live show happening. And then the element that's fun is that there's a bunch of naked Norwegians, and they're like, what's funny about being naked? Like, we're naked together all the time.


LOPEZ: That was us just last night. Yeah.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Like, of course we're all naked in a sauna together. This is what we do.



ANDERSON-LOPEZ: So we were having to address that in the middle of a summer and a pandemic.

EISENBERG: All right. Robert, a new musical sequence was added to the 1997 special edition of "Return Of The Jedi," including an extreme close-up of the inside of an alien musician's mouth.

LOPEZ: (Laughter) Yes. True.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) That is true.


LOPEZ: Of course. I was like - I was just agreeing with you. I love that. Isn't that crazy that they had to change the whole song?

COULTON: (Laughter).

LOPEZ: Yeah. The song used to be called "Lapti Nek," and it's one of my favorite weirdest songs by...

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Give us a little bit of it.

EISENBERG: Yeah, please.

LOPEZ: ...So it's like (vocalizing). I don't know the words.


LOPEZ: (Vocalizing). And...


COULTON: "Lapti Nek" from the album "Maclunkey."



EISENBERG: I don't like any of the covers either. I don't like any of the covers.

LOPEZ: ...Yeah. They maclunkey'd (ph) "Lapti Nek."


COULTON: Oh, boy.

EISENBERG: So guess what? You guys did great. You guys did great.


EISENBERG: You did great.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: You didn't trounce me, though.


ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Everything I know about "Star Wars," I learned from him.

EISENBERG: Well, I'm going to say...

COULTON: There's obviously a lot to soak up in the atmosphere that you are living in.


LOPEZ: Sorry.

COULTON: (Laughter).

EISENBERG: ...So just side thing - we wanted to show our - there's a little firepit here - wanted to show my son what a s'more is. He's never had a s'more because he's 4.

COULTON: Oh, boy.

EISENBERG: And so...



EISENBERG: ...But guess what? Graham crackers are sold out. Like, you go in the aisles where there is no toilet paper, and beside it there is also no graham crackers.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Yeah. What is up with that?

EISENBERG: No graham crackers.

LOPEZ: They're hoarding s'mores.

EISENBERG: They're hoarding s'mores.

COULTON: S'more hoarders.

LOPEZ: They're s'moreders (ph). Yeah.


EISENBERG: So we made graham crackers because they're not that hard to make but accidentally doubled the sugar in them, so they're really delicious.


COULTON: Oh, I bet they are.

LOPEZ: Accidentally in quotes.

COULTON: That's the best s'more this kid is ever going to have in his life.

EISENBERG: (Laughter) I know. An artisanal...

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Artisanal dessert s'mores.

LOPEZ: Wait, did you buy graham flour?

EISENBERG: Actually, no. We didn't buy graham flour - found a recipe that's just basically - it's all the normal makings of the most basic cookie, but you add a lot of honey.



COULTON: Right on.



COULTON: I'm in.

EISENBERG: They - and they're also - they don't - we didn't do the right consistency. So they don't - they're a little spongy, or they're a little...

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: ...Ooh, I bet that's even better.

EISENBERG: So more of a cookie texture, yeah.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Do you remember the (singing) oh, those Golden Grahams, solid Golden Grahams. Golden honey - just a touch...

COULTON: Just a touch.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: ...Graham's...

COULTON: (Singing) Graham's golden wheat.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: ...Golden wheat. Yep.

COULTON: That's right.

LOPEZ: But I remember the Golden Grahams that was a better together - "Happy Together."


LOPEZ: (Singing) Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: (Singing) Who's that (vocalizing) golden graham cracker taste...


LOPEZ: (Vocalizing).

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Duh, duh. Yeah.


EISENBERG: OK. So, Kristen and Robert, would you like to play another game?


LOPEZ: Oh, yeah.

ANDERSON-LOPEZ: Yes. I'm hoping this one's about breastfeeding so I can trounce him.


LOPEZ: I know about that.


EISENBERG: It's called your first six months. In the following quiz - no.

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