Report: 3,000 Jobs Created in 2013

Jan 8, 2014

A graph from the report shows the forecasted employment growth by sector. The areas expeceted to see the biggest increase in job opportunities in coming years include professional and business services, construction and education and health services.
Credit WVU College of Business and Economics

The West Virginia University College of Business and Economics presented their state economic outlook to lawmakers Wednesday.

The report says West Virginia is seeing growth in the areas of employment and per capita personal income.

According to the study, approximately 3,000 jobs were added in the past year, with the natural resource and mining sector contributing most to the increase.

The report says per capita personal income has grown more rapidly in West Virginia than any other state over the past five years and averaged about $35,000 at the end of 2012. Still, West Virginia workers are earning 20 percent below the national average.

The outlook predicts employment to increase by 1 percent annually through 2018 with the biggest growth in the areas of business and professional services and construction.