Remembering the Region's Three Mile Island Robots

Mar 14, 2019

The partial meltdown of one of Three Mile Island’s nuclear reactors 40 years ago this month left areas of the facility highly radioactive. Along came a young group of researchers with an idea to send in robots to fix the damage. StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Amy Sisk reports that their work helped expand the fledgling field of robotics.

We also hear from a couple decided to travel the country, but rather than driving along the interstates, or flying into major airports, Deborah and her husband James Fallows flew a tiny plane to dozens of small towns. They wrote a book about it, and in it, they quote Mountain Stage Host Larry Groce speaking about why he’s optimistic about the future of Charleston West Virginia. He says in the last ten years he’s seen a “Renaissance” in Charleston. That sense of hope for smaller, rural communities is shared throughout their book. Roxy Todd spoke with the authors about their view of rural America.

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