Q&A: How Researchers Are Using Grant Money In Cervical Cancer Fight

Nov 13, 2019

On this West Virginia Morning, Appalachian women face some of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the country. They’re also among the groups of women least likely to receive cancer screenings. Ohio University Professor Electra Paskett has dedicated much of her career to understanding why. 

This year, she and her colleagues received a multi-million-dollar grant aimed at cervical cancer prevention. Paskett recently presented her work at West Virginia University’s School of Public Health. Reporter Brittany Patterson talked with Paskett about her research.

Also on today’s show, in her new novel “Blood Creek: The Matewan Chronicles”, author Kimberly Collins writes about the strikes that gripped the southern West Virginia coalfields in the early 20th Century from the perspective of the women who lived through them.

Eric Douglas interviewed Collins by Skype to find out more. 

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