Pushback as State, Federal Officials Move Natural Gas Storage Hub Forward

Apr 11, 2019

On this West Virginia Morning, an almost decade-long effort to build a major underground natural gas liquids storage facility in the Ohio Valley saw movement this week, as state and federal politicians announced initiatives to move it forward. But as Brittany Patterson reports, not everyone is on board.

Also on today’s show, beverage companies around the state are brewing beer, distilling spirits and syrups, and pressing cider. Meanwhile farmers are producing fruits and grains. But for the most part, the two groups are disconnected. A conference in South Charleston aimed to address that gap, bringing the two groups together and helping each understand the other’s needs. Eric Douglas has the story.

And cases of measles have spiked in the first quarter of 2019 with outbreaks in 10 states. Many epidemiologists believe it’s because some parents don’t immunize their children. The ability to forgo vaccinations varies from state to state. Some states allow vaccination exemptions based on a person’s religious or philosophical beliefs. 

But, the recent uptick of measles cases has lawmakers rethinking vaccination policies, and they’re looking to an unlikely part of the country as a model -- Appalachia. 

Trey Kay, host of WVPB’s Us & Them podcast, learned about this from an Op-Ed published by 100 Days in Appalachia. In a recent Us & Them episode, he speaks with the author Jamie Lynn Crofts. She’s a Charleston-based constitutional and civil rights attorney fascinated by laws that govern vaccination requirements.

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