Natural Gas Pipeline Explodes in Marshall County

Jun 7, 2018


A crater in the earth following a Marshall County natural gas pipeline explosion as seen from the air.
Credit Photo courtesy of Martin Dofka

No one was injured when the TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded today in Marshall County, touching off flames that could be seen for miles.

Marshall County emergency manager Tom Hart said the state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating the cause of the explosion, which occurred at the end of Nixon Ridge in the southwest corner of the county.

A few residents left the area, but there was no mandatory evacuation order, Hart said. Emergency officials were alerted of the explosion at about 4:20 a.m.

Hart said pipeline operators were able to shut down the line remotely.

In a statement, a TransCanada representative said: "Our first priority is to protect the public and the environment. Emergency response procedures have been activated and the impacted area of pipeline has been isolated at this time."