Mind-Body Connection, pt. 3, with Sandra Bain Cushman

Apr 7, 2014

To "refreshify" those weary minds out there, over the past few years, I have developed some rather intense back issues. My lower back is an animal I have to constantly monitor and never dare risk injuring. It will lock up and leave me unable to move. Well, once I hobble to the couch, I lay there perfectly still because any movement is sheer agony.

The other issue has been an extension of my back issues and no doubt of unknown issues that have caused a tremor in my right arm. This directly impacts my guitar playing - something I've been devoted to for nearly forty years.

But this series' purpose is not to whine about my own issues, but open up avenues of help and healing for those who might have similar maladies. All this is available to those who simply ask for help.

Sandra Bain Cushman - Alexander Technique teacher extraordinaire.
Credit Used by permission.

Enter Alexander Technique teacher Sandra Bain Cushman. Sandra is giving a two-day workshop on April 11 and 12 at The Folded Leaf in Charleston. 

"The Alexander Technique gives us access to this little known window between stimulus and response. It tends to give us these more real moments in our lives that we actually remember."

Listen to Sandra explain Alexander Technique and its practical benefits to well-being.

We also discuss the morning sitting - a practice that enhances body awareness, the cultivation of presence and the direction of attention.

Sandra has also been a part of Robert Fripp's Guitar Craft and Guitar Circles for which she is the Alexander teacher. We talked about the extraordinary things that happen at these courses.

IMPORTANT: Sandra is coming to Charleston and gives a workshop April 11 and 12 at The Folded Leaf. Sign up here. I better see you there or we shan't speak. Don't even bother.