Miley Annouces Creation of House Committee

Jan 7, 2014

House Speaker Tim Miley announced his intention to create a new committee in his chamber.

The House Committee on Energy is the second committee the speaker will create in his first term as the chamber’s leader.

House Speaker Tim Miley announces the creation of a new committee during a press conference in front of the House Chamber.
Credit Aaron Payne

Chaired by Delegate Kevin Craig of Cabell County, Miley said the industry is one of the most important to West Virginia’s economy and deserves the focus of its own committee.

Delegate Mike Caputo will serve as vice chair and said they already intend to introduce one bill creating a legislative oversight committee on energy worker safety.

 “It’s our vision to establish a committee compromised of both the House and the Senate that will meet at least every quarter,” he said during a press conference Tuesday, “and that will give the legislature the opportunity to determine whether we think we need further legislation to protect our most valuable resource here in West Virginia and that’s the men and women who produce the energy.”

Last month Miley announced his intention to create a committee focused on small businesses, entrepreneurship and economic development.