Manchin's Name Reportedly on List for 2 Trump Cabinet Posts

Dec 5, 2016

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin says he’s spoken with Republican President-elect Donald Trump about how they can work together in his future administration.

Manchin released a statement Monday saying he spoke with Trump last week, reportedly over the phone, and the two would be continuing their conversations this week. 

The statement did not mention whether Manchin was planning a trip to New York to meet with the President-elect in person.

Last week, Politico reported Manchin’s name was being considered by the Trump administration to serve as the next Energy Secretary. His name is also reportedly on a long list of people being considered for Secretary of State.

Several presidents have had cabinet secretaries from opposing parties in the past, including President Obama.

Manchin's statement said: 

Last week, President-elect Trump and I had a wide-ranging and constructive conversation about the future of our country and how we can work together to help the state of West Virginia. I was humbled and honored to share my views with the President-elect and assured him that I am willing to work in a bipartisan manner to find commonsense solutions to the serious challenges we face. I have always believed that public officials must put their state and country first and set aside partisan politics to do what’s right for the people they serve. It is why I truly look forward to continuing the conversation with President-elect Trump later this week on how we can work together to make that happen.