Manchin Warns About Trump Administration Budget Cuts

May 23, 2017

West Virginia's Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin says the Trump administration's proposed federal budget would hurt poorer residents of his state with deep cuts in food stamps, Social Security disability benefits, Medicaid and children's health insurance.

Credit PBS Newshour

He says it also would effectively eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission, funded at $120 million in 2016, that provides development and planning grants for depressed counties.

According to Manchin's office, about 25 percent of West Virginians get Social Security benefits. The Trump budget proposes cutting $72 billion for disability insurance.

He says the budget proposal from Republican President Trump's budget director shows a "lack of compassion" for the most vulnerable Americans in every state.

He says the Senate Appropriations Committee and its 12 subcommittees will work through the budget trying to find a balance.