Manchin: Meeting with Trump Rescheduled for Monday

Dec 9, 2016

Sen. Joe Manchin says his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump has been rescheduled for next week, but speculation about him taking a post as Energy Secretary is just that: speculation.

Sen. Manchin was scheduled to meet with President-elect Trump Friday morning in New York City, but told reporters that meeting has been postponed to Monday afternoon while Congress works to pass a last minute funding bill to keep the federal government running.

National reports say the Trump transition team is considering him for Energy Secretary or Secretary of State.

But Manchin said Friday previous phone calls with both Trump and transition team leaders did not include talk about specific positions he could fill in the future administration.

“I’ve been hearing from them that they’re considering other types of positions, but we never spoke about a position so I think a lot of this is just speculation.”

When asked if Manchin would accept a position in the Trump administration, he only said he would do whatever was best for the people of West Virginia and the country.